Iranian Recreation Activities

Iranian Recreation Activities, Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Isfahan, Iran (Persia)

Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Isfahan, Iran

Like all other people around the world, Iranian enjoy their free time especially in the holidays. The form of pastime depends on different factors such as social class, budget and the person’s revenue. Following the development of megacities, traditional recreation replaced the modern ones; there is no trace of traditional recreations such as different types of group games anymore.

The majority of people choose gardens and plains in suburb for excursion; this activity has long had a special place among Iranian. Traveling, both inside and outside of the country, is also very popular among Iranians. In addition, there are the cultural leisure activities especially enjoyed by the younger generation, that includes cinema, theater, concert and museum. The many book café in different cities are also great places for adults interested in books.

Sport is another common leisure among Iranian young adults. There are team sports and individual sports in different fields that can be followed in either professional or amateur level. The increasing desire for fitness and health has turned many young Iranian to fitness clubs and gyms as well. Watching sports matches in stadium is also popular among the sport lovers especially Iranian men.

Eating out is another favorite pastime for most Iranian families. Variety of restaurants both modern and traditional, and different types of fast foods attracts the food lovers of the country. The crowded restaurants, especially during the weekends, are the best proof of Iranian’s love of food. Wandering in the numerous malls, shopping centers, and bazaars should be added to the list of Iranian recreations as well.