Similar to other countries, Iran has considered various types of visas for foreigners based on their country of origin, and their intention to travel (visit here for further information). Applicants of tourist visas require a passport with a validity of at least six months that can be applied individually or requested from affiliated travel agencies. Applicants should pay the costs of issuing their visa with Euro.

Furthermore, to speed up the process of obtaining a visa, applicants must fill in the electronic visa form available at here at least two days in advance and print the registration confirmation sheet to provide it in the Iranian embassies or arrival airports. At the time of completion of the e-form, applicants can decide whether they want to receive their travel visa in one of the Iranian embassies or one of the Iranian international airports.

Tourists also can delegate the process of getting an Iranian visa to a reliable and authorized travel agency. Amu Nowruz is ready to directly facilitate and accelerate the issuance of tourist visas through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After the visa issuance, the reference number is given to tourists, and they easily can receive their visa. The validity of the issued visa depends on the discretion of the Iranian embassies. Due to some political considerations, the issuance of a visa for citizens of some countries is possible only through the presence of the person in the Iranian embassies. Citizens of these countries also can facilitate their visa processing through Amu Nowruz’s exclusive visa services.

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