Content Generation

Given the prominence of elevating tourists’ knowledge about destinations, Amu Nowruz generates the most up-to-date and appropriate content for destinations. This distinctive service of Amu Nowruz is provided in the form of websites, social media, books, electronic magazines, and artworks such as documentary movies, animation, music, and photography. Individuals, companies, and organizations can delegate the generation of their required content about Iran and other countries to Amu Nowruz. The generated contents for our customers and followers are examples of the quality of our job.

Iran Tourism Website

“Persia Advisor” was launched as a specialized travel website with the slogan “YOU ARE INVITED”. Through this website, Amu Nowruz aims to introduce the tourism capacities and attractions of Iran to international tourists. In order to establish a continuous interaction with our customers and followers, we are present on various social media platforms that are listed below:




Amu Nowruz Travel Guidebook Collection: Amu Nowruz publishes its travel guidebooks to portray Iran’s tourism destinations to the global audience. In this vein?, Iran’s travel guidebook is the first one in this collection that is written in English. Amu Nowruz Company is able to generate travel content for other destinations and countries upon individuals’ and companies’ orders.

Electronic Magazine: The electronic magazine of Amu Nowruz is published twice a year in order to develop the readers’ general knowledge about tourism destinations. On September 27th (World Tourism Day) and March 21st (Iranian New Year), Amu Nowruz’s electronic magazine is published. The magazine contains information about various destinations, history, world heritage sites, culture, art, nature as well as information about the most recent activities of Amu Nowruz.

Artworks Services: Amu Nowruz is also distinctive for its production of travel-related artworks such as documentaries, music, animation, and photographs about Iran as well as other international destinations. The company has a studio equipped with a variety of visual, audio, and montage devices. There are exemplary travel-related artworks produced by Amu Nowruz to showcase their quality and diversity.